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24V PoE

Cinque Terre

PR104A is a High Power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) Repeater providing a 10/100Mbps Ethernet transmission for 100-meter distance with four ports out of 24V/48VDC power over Ethernet capability. It forwards both 10/100M Ethernet and PoE for another 330ft (100m) using an innovative power-processing scheme, and multiple units can be deployed in series for even longer distances without degradation in network speed or latency.

Powered by a 10/100Mbps PoE switch (or PoE injector), PR104A requires no local power in the middle of the cable making it extremely easy to connect and power up 802.3at/af PoE IP cameras or wireless AP with passive PoE.

For a simple application, a PR104A allows to connect one high power PoE PSE (IEEE 802.3at or midspan Injector such as PI300) located 100 meters away. The PoE delivers PoE power over the first 100 meters of Cat5E cable to the PR104A, and the PR104A restores the Ethernet signal and forwards remaining PoE power to four PoE PD devices 100m away. The PR104A requires no local power supply, and the PR104A presents no restriction to the Ethernet network connection. Outdoor units of PR104A-ODU are also available with IP66 rating enclosures.


  • Extends Ethernet cable installation for total 200 meters
  • Supports four PoE devices with DIP switch of 48/24V and PoE On/Off selection
  • No local power required
  • Fully 10/100M Ethernet protocol transparent - no restrictions to network traffic
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet Wire Speed
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3at/af PoE and midspan PoE standards
  • IP66 Weather-Proof for PR104A-ODU outdoor unit
  • Simple installation - Plug & Play
PoE Repeater Specifications: Ethernet Interface:
  • IEEE 802.3x, Auto-Detection for 10/100BaseT and full/half duplex
  • Automatic MDI/MDIX function
  • PoE Input Port : RJ-45 Connector x 1
  • PoE Output Port : RJ-45 Connector x 4
  • Port-based VLAN function for LAN ports (option)
  • IEEE 802.3at Compliant with voltage within 44-57 Volt
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 2.5 Watts
LED Indicators:
  • POWER : Power is ON POE OUT1~4 : FE Port with PoE OUT POE IN : FE Port with PoE IN Two DIP Switch: PoE On/Off, 24V/48V
Regulations & Approvals:
  • FCC Rules Part 15
  • CE
Physical Dimension:
  • PR104A WxDxH: 120 x 90 x 28 (mm) PR104A-ODU WxDxH: 180 x 165 x 95 (mm)
Operating Environment:
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing Temperature: 0 ~ 50 degree C
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