Our quality commitment

As an ISO 9001- 2015 certified company, certified company, Yoda builds in design quality and field reliability into all of our product solutions. Quality and more elusively Quality of Service are key criteria at Yoda, and it forms a benchmark setting the company above others. Throughout the organization this carries through to the outstanding performance and excellence of the product solutions.

Service, an essential requirement for success

With a growing installed equipment base, Yoda believes in service and rapid accurate technical support to all of its clients and partners. The equipments are designed to be modular and 'hot serviceable' enabling both easy installation and rapid replacements of faulty units. Our aim is to keep our partners at absolute maximum uptime and only designed-in quality and field serviceability will achieve this goal.

Center of design for innovation

Due to a highly qualified and experienced R&D team, Yoda is fully capable of undertaking ODM projects for interested partners. From initial discussions until final delivery and after- service, Yoda manages any development project while working very closely with the partner's team. In this way we ensure that our clients get exactly the product and performance to exactly match all criteria.

Partnerships, the way to go forward

In today's fast moving business climate, the old customer / supplier relationships have given way to a newer and more comprehensive business style. Partnerships are the way to go for the future. Due to the increasing complexity and higher performance requirements of broadband Telecom applications in this the new millennia, only by working very closely together with a Partner can a company achieve success. Yoda realizes this fact and from the very beginning, partnerships have been a strategic goal of the company. Teamwork is no longer a goal; it is an absolute requirement.