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PoE Power Meter PoE

Cinque Terre

PPM-100v2 is truly the best handy tool for the installation of PD device.

In general, a PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) provides the Power over Ethernet to the PD for a nominal distance of 100 meters. In practice, however, the power from PSE may fail to meet the requirement of the remote PD due to unpredictable clues such as the cabling length, the wire connection in RJ-45 connector, and the quality of network cable.

PPM-100v2 is a handheld power tester for the applications of Power over Ethernet (PoE). It can perform the on-site test and measurement of the running voltage and the supplying power available for the PoE powered device (PD) at the end of Ethernet cable terminal in any length.
Powered by replaceable and rechargeable battery, the portable PPM-100v2 allows the technical personnel to test terminal for PD at any locations. With 3-digit LED display, it shows the PoE status and the maximum power results of PSE. With built-in Terminal Block connectors, PPM-100v2 is able to clamp and hold the bare wires of network cable for test before clamping into the RJ-45 connector. Pass/Fail LED indicators may inform technician the results instantly.

With respect to the old version, version 2.0 also supports the standard of IEEE 802.3at and improves the power up to 60 watt.


  • Handheld and Battery-charged tester for on-site PoE status measurement
  • Measurement of power status from PSE to PD in PoE network
  • 3-digit LED display showing maximum available power (watt) and running voltage
  • Power measurement for standard PSE of IEEE 802.3af/ IEEE 802.3 at and the maximum power supported up to 60 Watt
  • Support both end-point and mid-span PoE connections
  • Built-in Terminal Block connectors for bare wire clamping to debug RJ-45 wire connections
  • Pass/Fail Bi-color LED indicators for on-site PoE problem debug or abnormal power status
  • Rechargeable battery pack with power ON/OFF switch
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • Built-in temperature sensor for overheat protection if high-power load test is applied
  • Examine the maximum power supply to network cable
  • to prevent from unsuitable PD overload
  • Save time of PoE equipment installation
  • Quality assurance of power status for PoE equipment
  • Verify instantly PoE power status for PD installation
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery pack
  • Attachable neck belt making easy for the test in field
  • On-site PoE power measurement for PD installation.
  • Power verification of PSE including the IEEE802.3af/ IEEE 802.3at standard and high-power mid-span PSE.
  • Problem debug and cable wiring for PD installations.
  • Handy tool for field engineer in PoE network deployment and services provided by ISP/Telecom company
Power under testIEEE 802.3at : up to 30 WattIEEE 802.3af : up to 60 Watt
InterfaceTop Side :
  • 4 x Wire Terminals connectors for bare
    wire clamping
Front Side :
  • 1 x Network UTP port for PoE Network Cable
  • 1 x Console port
LED indicators
  • PWR / TEST: Power Normal / Test
    in progress
  • WATT / VDC: Indicating the units
    for the 3-digit LED
    Display. Watt is for the unit of
    power, and Volt for DC
  • OK / NG: Indicating test results
  • At Af/ Alarm: Indicating the type of
    PSE/abnormal status
LED Display Panel3-digit LED Display: Shows the measured voltage, watt, the temperature inside the device
and the powered wire pairs.
Operation ButtonsStart / Set (—) : start a test/decrease the set value
Display / Set (+) : switch the display mode/increase the set value
External Battery PackAttachable to PPM-100v2 for on-site test
USB port of both PPM-100v2 and battery pack are all for power supply or charge
purpose without data link to PC
Operating temperature-20℃ ~50℃
HumidityOperating: 0% ~ 85% RHStorage: 0% ~ 85% RH
DimensionsWithout battery pack:95 mm x
76.6 mm x19.6 mm
With battery pack:95 mm x 118 mm x19.6 mm
WeightWithout battery pack : approx.
With battery pack : approx. 388g
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